Pricing - Real Estate Photos by Beth

+ +  Let me help you get your listings sold faster and save you time  + +

What can I do for you?      

         - save you hours in your listing process

         - provide enhanced listing photos

         - create virtual tours with more photos than MLS allows

         - create a QR code that takes buyers to your YouTube tour  

         - create beautiful flyers 

         - create ads for your marketing

         - headshots

I've been a Realtor myself in the past so I understand what you are looking for where listings photos and marketing materials are concerned.

             Services offered                                    $150*   $175     $200

Photos with editing & enhancements                x            x            x

YouTube Virtual Tour & Unbranded Tour                         x            x

QR code to link to YouTube Tour                                       x            x

Flyer                                                                                                      x

* 3500 SF to 5499 SF - add $25                 5500 SF to 7999 SF - add $75                8000+ SF - add $100

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